Spring 2016 – Plum!

BeFunky Collage





Surprisingly, after six months of cold and the obligatory berry obsession, the colour scheme for spring 2016 is… plum! Personally I love the deep burgundy berry shades, so I aint complaining. So, I thought I’d share my personal favourites that are also similar to what I’ve seen on the catwalks:

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This post is celebrating hitting 100 subscribers last night, I’m and thanking every one of those 100 for their support! It means more than you know- I was excited to get 5 subscribers and that was only a few days ago, so I’m utterly blown away by hitting this milestone so early on.

I would like to say a special thank you to MaeSison87462 as my 100th subscriber!240_F_74493852_R2gnMr3kz8pCO1sNXpS2rUyiGbby8RlP

Fingers crossed, this is just the beginning, and I hope you’ll all stick with me.

Until the next post,

MySophisticatedBeauty XO

My New Favourite Face Mask!

downloadAs far as Lush goes, I’m still a bit of a rookie. I remember seeing Lush hauls on Youtube last year and being like, “How boring, who wants to see ten shower gels?”.

BUT- my world has changed. It’s officially my new obsession, and has really spurred me on to take care of my skin. This fresh face mask does just that;

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Are Lip Plumping Products Worth It?

Lets face it; theres no way you’ve gotten through the past year without one picture of Kylie kylie jennerJenner. It’s become one of the biggest crazes since sliced bread, but how do we know what’s swelling our lips is actually safe?

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My Top 5 Favourite Blushes and DUPES!

I think a Mac blush was one of the first’proper’ makeup items I ever bought- it was a brown colour called Harmony that didn’t match me at all, but I keep it in my collection anyway. Actually, it makes a surprisingly nice contour shade for all the fair people out there, because I know the struggle is real for those of you with lighter skin to find natural-looking shades.

blushesThese are my favourite blushes of all time, along with a few dupes I found. So, let’s get on with it!

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A quick intro <3

Hi, I’m Sophia (my friends call me sophisticated), and I have a passion for beauty.

(Still feeling Christmassy)

(Still feeling Christmassy)

This is me, obviously. *waves* I can’t let go of the reindeer antlers yet- in my mind, its still the holidays for another good two weeks, but anyway;

My blog is going to be all about beauty- definitely involving makeup because I’m a total junkie for it, but who knows- photography, DIY’s, hair?? It’s all on the cards, so stick around and I hope you enjoy. XO