My Top 5 Favourite Blushes and DUPES!

I think a Mac blush was one of the first’proper’ makeup items I ever bought- it was a brown colour called Harmony that didn’t match me at all, but I keep it in my collection anyway. Actually, it makes a surprisingly nice contour shade for all the fair people out there, because I know the struggle is real for those of you with lighter skin to find natural-looking shades.

blushesThese are my favourite blushes of all time, along with a few dupes I found. So, let’s get on with it!




1- Hourglass Ambient lighting Blush
hourglass blush

In the shade ‘Diffused Light’.

When I picked this baby out up on a trip to America, ( I went to Chicago’s Sephora it was AMAZING) I had to get it even more than Hourglass’ famous ambient lighting powders. It has tiny flecks of sparkle that can’t be seen on the skin that give it a luminosity, and you can use the white areas on its own as a natural highlight for that glowy look.It melts into the skin, and the shades are versatile enough to be used across a wide range of skintones. The downside is the price tag of £28, but if you’re looking for a high quality product, this is definitely one to try.



In the shade ???

Mac as a company are great for their consistent quality in products, and the blushes are not excluded. I have tried quite a few and they are all blendable, smooth, and wear well on the skin.

I’m so annoyed with myself because when I depotted this blush I didn’t keep the sticker with the name on it, and I’ve searched for hours and still have no idea which shade this is. However, it’s a lovely dusty cool tone pink, which gives a natural flush to the cheeks and looks great for both fair and tan skin. The single blushes are £18.50 and the refill pans are £15, which I personally  like better so I can put them in my Z palette.

If you think you know what shade this is, please leave a comment! 🙂

3- Nars Blushes and dupe
nars orgasm blush

In the shade ‘Orgasm’.

Nars I’ve always found to have creamy, soft products, such as their eyeshadows and Radiant Creamy Concealer.I love this about their blushes, in particular my favourite-‘Orgasm’ (don’t laugh).

This blush is the holy grail for many. It has a subtle shimmer, it’s buildable, gives a natural flush, and the peachy pink colour is great for paler skin. If you’re looking for your next favourite this is a must-have.

In the shade Pinched.

In the shade ‘Pinched’.

If you want to avoid the $$$ price tag of £23 though, courtesy of Pinterest I found a dupe: the Nyx blush in the shade ‘Pinched’, and about five times cheaper at £6 (except their site is having a sale right now if you’re interested).

It’s pigmented, there’s virtually no fallout, and saves you enough money to buy three other blushes along with it. I think it’s a win-win.


mua whipped velvet

In the shade ‘Ritzy’.

Finally, to the drugstore- I discovered this gem trying out the MUA brand itself- while I wasn’t impressed with their eyeshadow palettes, their cream blushes are hella pigmented, blendable, and long-wearing, for £3. I’m not kidding- three pounds. I got mine on sale for £1, if you can believe, so if you want to save even more you can wait for the sale cycle to go back round to MUA. Honestly, though, it’s worth it.

It doesn’t even feel like a normal cream blush, it’s almost like touching blush swatcha mousse. Because of this, unfortunately using a brush is a no-go, but with your fingertips  it will still blend out beautifully and last you for a good five hours on normal skin. Sadly, I’ve lost my blush so I’ve had to use these two pictures from the internet, but when I go shopping next I will defo repurchase.


5- The Nars Multiples and DUPE

image1 (1)

In the shades ‘Puerto Vallarta’ and ‘South Beach’ [from left to right].

Both my mom and I are a fan of these; Nars claims they can be used for the eyes, lips and the cheeks (hence, the ‘Multiple’), however, their cream to powder formulation makes them more ideal for the cheeks than anything else. It also makes them better for those of you with normal to dry skin, although I’m oily and have minimal problems. They have a beautiful range of shimmery and single shades that can image1 (2)be layered for intensity and blend beautifully. Although there’s a hefty price tag of £29, there is a lot of product that will take you a while to get through.


In the shade Desert Rose

In the shade ‘Desert Rose’.

I did find a dupe while visiting Cambridge- the Kiko Milano Cream Blush Sticks, for £7.90.I bought one in the shade ‘Natural Rose’ while I was there , but on the website I found that the shade ‘Golden Sand’ was a dupe for the Nars ‘South Beach’, so I just had to order it:

The colours are very similar, with the Kiko dupe coming off slightly more shimmery and less pigmented. However, for a fraction of the price?It’s a no-brainer.

South Beach and Golden Sand [left to right].

South Beach and Golden Sand [left to right].

SO, those were my top 5 blushes with a few dupes thrown in there- because who doesn’t love dupes? Let me know in the comments what your favourite blushes are and I’ll be sure to try them out!

MySophisticatedBeauty xo


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