About Me

This is me :)My name is Sophia Cook, and I want to inspire you with my thoughts on all things beauty!

I won’t lie to you; I’m OBSESSED with makeup. Literally, I go round shoving pots of powder underneath peoples’ noses in excitement and telling them to smell my eyeshadows.

Lots of people believe cosmetics are a mask to hide ourselves from the outside world. I think they’re wrong. What is more expressive, more confidence boosting, than wearing that new lipstick you bought yesterday, or matching your blush to your outfit? No, beauty is not a mask; its an art.

Side Note: I also love food. Like, forget diets- who needs em anyway? I’m crazy, like to think I’m witty, and have a big passion for enjoying life to the full.

What is my blog about?


Well, you’ve probably guessed makeup by now, but beauty covers such a wide range of ideas that I’d love to share. Photography, hair, food- you name it, I got it. I hope that you follow me on my adventure and exploration, and, of course, that you enjoy. XO